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    How to Choose the Best Home Builder

    By Jill Surprenant | May 16, 2023

    Key Factors for a Smooth Building Process Building a new home is an exciting and significant investment! Choosing the right home builder is crucial to ensuring a smooth and successful building process. From craftsmanship and reputation to communication and transparency, there are several key factors to consider when selecting a home builder. In this article,... Read More

    Adding Serenity to your Space

    By Jill Surprenant | April 26, 2023

    Cultivating a Peaceful Place When each item in your home has a purpose, whether it be for its utility & usefulness, or for its beauty, it can lead to a more serene space. Here are 10 ways to bring a balanced and peaceful feeling into your home. Keep Surfaces Clear Daily Visual clutter can be... Read More

    Live at Home, Longer – Safety Tips for Seniors

    By Jill Surprenant | April 26, 2023

    Adapting Your Home: How to Safely and Comfortably Age in Place As we grow older, our needs and abilities change, and our homes may not always be the most accommodating to these changes. However, with a few simple modifications, it’s possible to adapt your home to suit your needs, allowing you to continue living at... Read More

    Living in a Coastal Community: The Benefits of Salt, Sun, and Sea Air

    By Jann Costa | March 24, 2023

    Living in a Coastal Community: The Benefits of Salt, Sun, and Sea Air Living near the coast is a dream for many people, and it’s not hard to see why! Coastal communities offer a range of benefits, from access to outdoor recreation and scenic beauty, to a unique lifestyle and strong investment potential. In this... Read More

    Investing in a Beach Home

    By Jann Costa | March 8, 2023

    Owning a Beach Home as a Vacation Rental Factors to Consider Before Taking the Plunge Are you dreaming of owning a beach home that you can rent out as a vacation property? With the popularity of vacation rentals on the rise, owning a beach home that you can rent out can be a smart investment.... Read More

    Fishing on the Beach!

    By Jill Surprenant | February 14, 2023

    Fishing from a Public Beach: Tips for a Fun and Safe Experience A great feature of living near the beach, is the opportunity to do a little fishing directly from the shore line with your toes in the sand! Fishing from a public beach can be a great way to enjoy the outdoors, spend time... Read More

    Cooking Pizza on the Grill

    By Jill Surprenant | January 17, 2023

    How to Cook Pizza on a Barbecue Cooking pizza on a barbecue is both an art and a science. And while there are a few things to learn along the way, with a bit of practice you can set up your grill, roll your dough, and barbecue a delicious pizza. If you’d like, you can... Read More

    3 Ways to Cool Down Your Attic

    By Jill Surprenant | December 30, 2022

    How to Keep Your Attic Cool in the Summer Heat You may be more likely to think about your attic during the winter when you can lose heat if it’s not properly insulated. Yet, as the summer heat rises, it’s just as important to make sure you’ve taken steps to keep your attic well-ventilated and... Read More

    Preparing for Home Renovations

    By Jill Surprenant | December 29, 2022

    How to Rehab a Property in the Proper Order When buying property for rehabilitation, it is important to do your house clean-up and repairs in a particular order. You don’t want to get ahead of yourself or waste time and money on the project. Approach the process systematically, and don’t get frustrated if things don’t... Read More

    Pet Friendly Places – Wherever you may be!

    By Jill Surprenant | December 7, 2022

    Pet Friendly Places Love to take your favorite, furry friend with you everywhere you go? We can help you navigate to where they are most welcome to join you! A wonderful resource to research is – you can search by activity or service type, such as restaurants, breweries, beaches, and even hotels that welcome... Read More